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Walsall Council;

Committed to preventing homelessness where possible. We offer a range of prevention schemes such as:

Housing Advice Service

The Civic Centre

Darwall Street




Please contact your local Council for further help and advice on homelessness.



Helping people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services. This website lists the housing advice this is local to you in your area.


0808 800 4444


Midland Heart;

Each year we support 7,000 customers with the most complex needs, through tailored support that aims to help an individual to live an independent and happy life - providing flagship supported housing schemes and services for; older people, homeless people, individuals with learning difficulties and those with mental health issues.  


•T: 0345 60 20 540

•F: 0870 60 70 371


•20 Bath Row, Birmingham, B15 1LZ


Salvation Army: Homelessness ;

A number of our lifehouses offer emergency accommodation on a night-by-night basis to people who have nowhere else to stay. The accommodation is basic but safe and secure and the staff on duty are available to support the individual through the night. In most lifehouses, free meals are provided and the individual is able to keep warm and feel safe for the night. As well as people sleeping on the streets, this may include ‘sofa surfers’ or people with no recourse to public funds who are running out of options for where they can receive support and offers of help.


The Salvation Army

Address: Walsall

Phone: 01922 627659