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Information, Advice

& Guidance

Peter Pyne Training School proudly holds the prestige standard of the Matrix Accreditation. This means you can be assured that the Information, Advice and Guidance we give out is that of a

quality standard.


What is it that makes a great Hairdresser or Barber?


You will have to be an excellent communicator, not only with

your friends and the people you know well, but with people

from every age group, social background, ethnic group,

occupation and gender.


You should have a degree of artistic skill and flair.


Know basic rules of chemistry, physics, anatomy, biology,

physiology and mathematics.


You will have to be prepared to undertake a long initial training

period and then go on learning for the rest of your working life.


Your personality should be vibrant, sparkling, strong and

interesting. Be diplomatic, sympathetic and have the ability to

listen and communicate.


You'll need a high degree of physical stamina, as working

on the Salon floor can be a fast paced environment at times.

You will also have to to stand for a lot of the working day.


Taking all this into consideration, you'll have to remain polite

and friendly to your paying customer.


Advice & Guidance


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Helpline Directory


If you need any further help on a specific topic please take a moment to look at our listed helplines for further information.


"Helpline Directory"


Equality & our Information, Advice & Guidance commitment to the learner


Peter Pyne Training recognises the value of a safe and welcoming learning environment and strives to treat both employees and students with respect and dignity, treat them fairly with regards to all assessments, choices and procedures, and to give them encouragement to achieve their goals and full potential. The Company will ensure that all learners have the opportunity to achieve Every Child Matters outcomes being at the heart of our ethos; being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.


The Company strives to treat all its students,

employees and colleagues on the basis of

merit and ability alone and to eliminate

unjustifiable discrimination on the grounds of

gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin,

political beliefs, religious beliefs or practices,

disability (unless a reasonable adjustment

cannot be made) and health, marital status,

family circumstances, sexual orientation,

spent criminal convictions, age (unless

exceptions apply), pregnancy,  gender

reassignment or any other inappropriate



We are committed to providing a

confidential, impartial and objective

service which is designed to enable

potential and actual users of the service to

make informed decisions around

improving their employability and

employment opportunities, gaining skills

and qualifications and enhancing their

personal development.


In addition, we are committed to providing a high quality service which encompasses the key

principles for delivering information, advice and guidance, which will have a direct and positive impact on the development and employability of our learners.


We pride ourselves on the free impartial Information and Guidance that we give to our learners.


We will set up all interviews and trial days for salon opportunities for the learners and provide help, support, advice and guidance on interviewing skills and techniques. We invest a great deal of time to give learners the best possible chance of progressing on to an Apprenticeship. We provide them with all of the experience they require in our friendly in house training salon which will give you the desirable skills that employers are looking for from an Apprentice.

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