Over the past 12 months Peter Pyne Training School have made some conscious changes to ever improve with the best interests of our students in mind. We wanted to be sure that our “2016 You Said We Did” action plan was taking suit effectively.


To track these changes, we caught up with three of our dedicated students; Katrina, a thriving student who has progressed from level 1, level 2 and now to the level 3 position where she acts as a salon support tutor right here in the Training Academy.  Jade, who has progressed through our NVQ Level 2 course in Hairdressing and is now undertaking a NVQ Barbering qualification which will only aid her future career ambitions. And finally, Meghan, an excelling student who is doing really well in her level 2 studies and a very popular member of the PPT team.


-We’ve installed set uniform guidelines; do you see this outcome as a positive one?


Katrina: Yes, it helps me when I’m on the salon floor as it helps the other students recognize that I’m there to support and assist them in that tutor-like role. The customers benefit from it too as they can see that we’re a professional team.


Jade: I think it’s been a positive outcome, for me it’s nice just having a set uniform instead of having to pick something different every day to wear.  


Meghan: It’s nice to be seen and represent the PPT brand when I’m on my way to College or popping out for dinner, I feel professional, it’s a standard of dress-sense we all have to agree to.


-Have you noticed the additional support we’ve offered salon-wise?


Meghan: Yes, I’ve had way more experience from my learning, it’s been good to work with different tutors on the salon floor as I’ve got even more ideas and confidence in taking on different hair styles.    


-Has the updated timetable been a good addition?


Katrina: I think so as there is a spare tutor free it means there is room for flexibility which is always good.


Meghan: The sessions are coordinated nicely too, so if the salon is overrunning we can rely on each other to help get the job done. It’s a nice team set up.


Jade: The lessons are well planned meaning we get a lot out of them.


Katrina: Smaller classes help me because I can get more out the session and more time with my tutor.


-Have the eating / dinner break arrangements been suitably adjusted to?


Jade: I’ve always been fine with and happy with the current set up and agreements with dinner breaks.


Meghan: We know our set dinner times in theory and on our practical salon days, it’s nicely planned. If it does overrun due to a service taking longer we help each other out best we can. The tutors are great for creating the team-spirit atmosphere.


-Have you noticed the set changes to the cleaning rota?


Katrina: We look to divide the tasks up fairly and everyone has their own part to play.


Meghan: We all get treated equally, we each have 2 cleaning jobs to do, if there is anything left over we all chip in to get the job done.


-What has Peter Pyne Training done in regards to demonstrations this year?


Jade: There’s always a lot going on for all of the different students; demos for the level 3 students and the level 2.


Meghan: It gives all the learners more opportunity to learn something and to network with employers who come in.


Katrina: The tutors and marketing team do a good job of inviting in people with strong skills who each have their own speciality. Only recently we’ve had Drop-Fade, cut-throat shaving specialists and brand representatives who were really fun and beneficial as we got to understand the production life of the product.  


-How have theory sessions been updated?


Meghan: We have way more opportunities and time to work with IT, we can bring our mobile phones into sessions to interact with each other on the new IT systems and we do quizzes to see who can answer the question the quickest, its really good! Hannah’s sessions are always good too (Maths and English) she brings items in to make the lessons more interactive, it works for me as I always learn more by seeing and doing.


Katrina: The use of the Kahoot (interactive mobile / tablet) system is enjoyable because it gets us all interacting with each other. The lessons are really engaging.


-Progress on the Hairdressing shows / Competitions?


Meghan: Emily (Salon Tutor) is getting us all signed up at the moment for the next event that she’s planning to attend in London. This place is good because I didn’t know some of the other learners, but by getting together to plan competitions I’ve made new close friends and I wouldn’t have had that opportunity otherwise.


-Is the salon making further use of the extra block heads that are now available?


Katrina: Yes, more on the quiet days as the salon keeps itself busy commercially and we like to keep the students working on customers to build that experience before they find salon placements.


Meghan: I’ve been able to work with my fellow students more. A tutor asked me to show one of the level 1s how to do a Dutch-Braid and it was really nice to be trusted to show what I’ve learnt and pass that on.


-As a student do you feel we give you enough notice about upcoming changes?


Meghan: Absolutely.


Katrina: Yes I do. We all know that if we misplace our timetables we can simply go to reception and get another one so we know about our shut down and holiday breaks. Marketing is helpful with the social media with updates well in advance; I always get a quick reply from the operators too.


-Final thoughts on the salon booking in system?


Katrina: As salon support I’m very keen for the learners to have a real-life-experience to being in a salon. That does mean letting them take a lead with taking bookings.


Jade: Although if we have to the tutors are always there for support like making sure we’re picking the right time slots and level of student to book the clients in with.


Katrina: I understand and I think a lot of us do that this is an ever improving and ever-changing point to achieve. It’ll come more with training over time for the newer of students, as it’s all part of getting used to the salon environment.



This feedback session was part of the Training School’s ongoing aim to achieve, meet and exceed when it comes to our student’s happiness and training satisfaction.


We would like to thank the three learners for their contributions.

2017 outcome