Today's exciting blog takes place with one of our very keen learners', a Miss Nicola Ward. We ask her about her journey through education here at Peter Pyne Training and a career in the hair industry.


- What did you do after school?


I left school in 2013 then as quick as two weeks later I was offered a place on the Level 1 Study Programme at Peter Pyne Training.


I had other career aspirations early on but when I went to Sandwell Art Gallery for a careers event that they had on at the time, I started speaking to a representative from Peter Pyne Training. The lady I spoke to was very friendly and she gave me all the important information about the training programme, as well as any advice I needed on the next step to take to enrol. I was also given a company leaflet and booklet for additional information and guidance.


Speaking to the representative really did enlighten me about a career in Hairdressing and I’ve never looked back. I really felt that they did a lot to get me on board and secure my interest.


- What is it like training with us?


I started off on the Level 1 Programme and over the last two and half years I’ve progressed up the ladder and gone onto other training levels. I’ve found by coming here I’ve always got the support I need. Phil (a tutor at Peter Pyne Training), was really good in terms of helping me with any additional theory sessions. I used to struggle on the Inverted-Bobs, but Stephen Pyne, (award winning director), pulled me aside and gave me 1-1 guidance on how to correctly do the style and now I love them.


- What has the service been like that you’ve been offered?


The training was good when I started but over the last years it’s gotten even better. It’s really good in terms of having fun challenging tasks and things to do when I come into training. A big thing too I feel is that I have the confidence to approach any member of staff in terms of any help I need.


- Do you feel taking the Level 1 Programme has benefited you in the long run?


I think so, as looking back now I realise that hairdressing is such a hands on technical industry. Having that first step into it has done me a favour as I now feel I’ve got a great foundation to work off.


- What do you feel makes Peter Pyne Training a positive place to be?


The staff don’t treat you like an enrolment number, you feel a part of the Pyne name and as I say the staff play a big part in promoting that.


I left school and managed to find my next step within the six week period, but I can imagine for others not in that position having no set enrolment periods for new learners is a big plus opposed to the other colleges, as you have the freedom to join whenever.


- Do you feel having our commercial running salon in the Academy helps your development?


Yes absolutely! I think Peter Pyne Training is really good because of that. We get to work with new customers every time we have a practical session. Being in the town centre we get lots of people coming in and that’s really helped me in terms of just talking to a customer and building my confidence. I have friends who did their hairdressing course somewhere else and all throughout their Level 1 and Level 2 they only did shampooing on their friends.


- Your opinions on how we as a company aided your placement search?


The company really helped me find a salon to continue the next part of my learning. I struggled a bit on finding a placement but thanks to Peter Pyne Training having connections from being in service for a number of years - they were really helpful. They helped me set up interviews and trials and that has lead me onto where I am now.


- Would you recommend us to any new learners reading this interview?


One hundred percent.


I managed to progress from Level 1, then onto my Level 2 Hairdressing and now I’ve started my Level 2 Barbering. I’ve gained my functional skills along the way and I got full support on the lead up to interviews. I never fancied the idea of going to University as I always wanted to get a job, so achieving a NVQ Apprenticeship was ideal for me.


I fully recommend Peter Pyne Training.


A big thanks once again to Nicola for taking part in our first interview styled blog, she continues to do very well at her salon while also impressing highly in the Training Academy. We wish her the very best.


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